Privacy Policy

Japan Automobile Standards Internationalization Center
Japan Automobile Transport Technology Association

Japan Automobile Standards Internationalization Center (the “Center”), established within Japan Automobile Transport Technology Association, will comply with all applicable laws and regulations concerning treatment of personal information when the Center collects and uses personal information for its business purposes and hereby sets forth its privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) in order to adequately protect personal information.

Purposes for Collection and Use of Personal Information
The Center will collect personal information in a lawful and fair manner and use such information to the extent necessary to accomplish the following purposes:
To manage the Center’s committees, sub-committees, working groups, and their forums;
To provide information on the Center’s activities and other information relating to the Center;
To respond to inquiries received by the Center;
To supply and deliver informational materials, publications, etc. of the Center which users have requested or purchased;
To provide the Center’s services for which users have applied or registered;
To bill, collect, or make payments;
To provide guides, information, etc. relating to the Center’s services;
To conduct surveys relating to the contents of Center’s activities and the Center’s services;
To create statistical reports; and
Purposes incidental to the purposes mentioned above.
Entrustment of Personal Information
The Center may outsource business activities involving personal information (personal data). When selecting service providers to whom such information is entrusted, the Center will make sure that the service providers have taken sufficient measures to protect personal information. The Center will then enter into confidentiality agreement with the service providers and provide them with any necessary and adequate supervision.
Release of Personal Information to Third Parties
The Center will not release personal information to any third parties without obtaining prior consent of the person who is the subject of the personal information, unless required to do so by law.
Personal Information Security Safeguards
The Center will implement appropriate security safeguards against loss, unauthorised alteration, divulgence, etc. of personal information. In addition, the Center will educate its employees (including its directors, officials, contract workers, and temporary agency workers) on the importance of the protection of personal information and make ongoing efforts to improve its system for managing personal information.
Procedures for Personal Information Disclosure, etc.
If disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, or termination of use of personal information is requested by the person who is the subject of the personal information or his/her agent, the Center will adequately process such request pursuant to law and through procedures adopted by the Center. The contact information provided below in 8. shall be used for inquiring about procedures for disclosure, etc.
Center’s Website
Cookie and Web Beacon
The Center may use the technologies called “cookie” and “web beacon” in some of its webpages in order to make its website more useful and to check the use status of its website. However, the Center will not obtain any information, which will enable the identification of any individual, by using cookie or web beacon. User of Center’s website can reject the receipt of cookie and have the user’s browser display a warning message upon receipt of cookie by changing the browser’s settings. The Center’s website may be available even if user rejects the receipt of cookie, but some of the features offered on the Center’s website may become unavailable.
The Center’s website may have links to other websites, but the Center shall not be responsible for the handling of personal information at the linked websites.
The Center may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time without any prior notice in order to provide better protection on personal information or to respond to any amendment to the laws, regulations, etc. In case of any amendment to this Privacy Policy, the amended Privacy Policy will be posted on the Center’s website.
Contact Information
For inquiries, complaints, or problems regarding personal information handled by the Center, please contact the following:

Japan Automobile Standards Internationalization Center
Tel: +81-3-5362-7751 (Monday through Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.)
Fax: +81-3-5362-7752
Adopted on April 1, 2005
Amended on August 16, 2016