Automobile Type Approval Handbook
for Japanese Certification Publications

Pricing System & How to Purchase
What does the number of licenses mean?
The number of licenses means the number of terminals from which you can log in to the Automobile Type Approval Handbook for Japanese Certification (Blue Book) Web Service simultaneously.

Our company has its offices at ten locations around the country. Do we need to purchase licenses for all these offices?
You don’t need to purchase any licenses for offices that do not need them for business operation. Please purchase at least one license for each of the offices that use the Web Service in daily business operations. As for the purchase procedures, your company’s representative department can place an order for the licenses collectively for all these offices.

Do you accept credit cards?
No, we only accept payment by bank transfer.

Due to our company’s internal approval process, we would like to make payment after starting using the Web Service.
In principle, you are required to make payment before starting using the Web Service. Your ID(s) and password(s) will be provided to you only after payment. When deciding the month in which you would like to start using the service, please consider the time that would be required to make payment.

We would like to purchase the English translation of TRIAS 18-J104-01 only. Is it available for an individual purchase?
Unfortunately, we only offer translations for a package purchase. We do not sell English translations of regulations individually.

We are based overseas (in Europe). Can we subscribe to the Blue Book?
Yes, you can subscribe to it overseas. The service is provided via Web, so please check your system to make sure it meets the following conditions before placing your order:
Recommended environment:
Windows: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Macintosh: Mac OS X 10.4 or later
Internet Explorer 11.x (9.x in the case of Windows Vista only)
Firefox (latest version), Safari (latest version), Google Chrome (latest version), Microsoft Edge (latest version)

How do we find out if we are eligible for the member discount?
The following organizations are automotive associations financing JASIC, and thus the member companies of these organizations are eligible for the member discount: Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Japan Auto-Parts Industries Association, Japan Automobile Importers Association, Japan Automobile Service Equipment Association, Japan Auto-Body Industries Association, Japan Automobile Tyre Manufacturers Association, Flat Glass Manufacturers Association of Japan, and Japan Land Engine Manufacturers Association. Please check each organization’s Web site for its member company list.

Our company is a member of Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association. Is our overseas office eligible for the member discount as well?
No, overseas offices of the member companies of the related organizations are not eligible for the member discount.

Can both our domestic company and overseas company use the Blue Book Web Service under a single contract?
The Blue Book Web Service is provided per company. Your domestic company and overseas company need to place an order individually. Even within the same premises (headquarters, branch, sales office, plant, research center, etc.), the Web Service cannot be used by more than one company under a single contract. For example, a parent company is not allowed to let its subsidiary or related company use the service. If more than one company wishing to use the Web Service exists in the same premises, each of these companies needs to place an order individually.

Can libraries and dealers subscribe to the Blue Book Web Service?
Subscription of the Blue Book Web Service is limited to those who actually use the service. We do not accept orders from libraries or dealers.

Can we purchase the CD-ROM version as before?
The format of the service will be switched to the Web Service only, starting with the 2016 Edition. Therefore, the CD-ROM version will no longer be available, except for the 2015 Edition CD-ROMs that are still in stock and on sale until sold out.

Does the contract term cover more than one year?
The contract term is one year from the first day of the month in which you start using the service until the day before the first day of the same month of the following year. We will send you information on how to renew the contract two to three months before its expiration date, so please renew the contract annually. If nothing is done by the expiration date, your contract will be renewed automatically under the same conditions as the previous year.

Can we pay in installments?
In principle, you are required to pay in a lump sum. However, if it is impossible due to the circumstances of your company, please contact us.

ID and Password
I cannot log in. (The “Incorrect login ID or password” alert shows up.)
If you have forgotten your login ID or password, please click the “Forgot your password?” button in the same login screen. In the case where you have forgotten your password, please check with those who are using the same ID in your company as well.

Why am I required to reset my password when I log in for the first time?
For the purpose of security of the Web Service, you are only allowed to start using the service once you reset the initial password that we have sent to you. Please reset the initial password as the service cannot be used if the password remains unchanged.

Do you issue one login ID per license?
One or more IDs can be issued, for up to the contractual number of licenses. It is also possible for us to issue different IDs for each of your offices or an exclusive ID for an office that uses the service frequently. We can even issue one ID only that can be used by everyone covered by the same contract. Please apply for an ID or IDs upon checking the use environment within your company.

Contents and Update
Is the Blue Book Web Service available in Japanese as well?
No, its regulation data are provided in English only.

Is the Blue Book Web Service updated once a year?
We plan to update the service three times per year. This frequency corresponds to the revision frequency of major Japanese regulations. As for the update periods, we plan to update the service around February-March, June-July and October-November. Depending on the quantity of revised regulations, update may be delayed for about a month.

When will the regulation revised in June be reflected in the Web Service?
Taking into account the time required for translation, it will be reflected in the Web Service about 4 months after the issuance of the Japanese regulation. However, when so many regulations have been revised, the reflection of translation may take place at the following service update.

We have questions about contents of regulations. For example, the provision on tail lamps in Article 128, Section 2 of the Announcement That Prescribes Details of Safety Regulations for Road Vehicles states that they shall not flash. Will they still be subject to the regulation even when they flash with a frequency of 1 kHz?
We are sorry, but since JASIC is neither a government agency nor a certification body, we are not in the position to answer questions relating to the interpretation of regulations.

We would like to know which regulations are covered by the Web Service prior to purchase.
The Blue Book Web Service covers almost all of the Japanese regulations on automobile type approval. For information on the main regulations covered, please click here.

How to Use
Can we place PDF documents downloaded from the Web Service onto our in-company intranet to share them within our company?
If you wish to use our service on your in-company intranet to be shared within the same company or group company, etc., you will need to sign a separate contract with us. Please contact us for more details.

Can we edit PDF documents downloaded from the Web Service?
The intellectual property rights and any other rights in respect of any information, documents, etc. relating to the Web Service belong to JASIC. You cannot duplicate, edit, adapt, transmit to public, publish or distribute any data provided by the Blue Book without JASIC’s permission, unless allowed under the Terms of Use.

How can I change my membership information such as my e-mail address and postal address?
Go to the Membership Information Change form after logging in and choose the item(s) that you would like to change. The membership information can be changed only when you log in using the administrator’s ID and enter the administrator’s password on the screen that appears after login. The membership information cannot be changed on the screen other than the administrator’s.

Cancellation of the Contract after Starting Using the Service and Change of the Number of Licenses
Please let us know how to cancel the contract after we started using the Web Service.
You can cancel the service after starting using it. However, please note that we will not refund any fees in the case of cancellation.

How can we increase the number of licenses? We would also like to know about additional fees that will incur when we increase the number of licenses.
You can change the number of licenses on the screen that appears after login. As for the additional fees, please contact us directly.

How can we decrease the number of licenses? We would also like to know if you will refund fees in that case.
You can decrease the number of licenses. However, please note that we will not refund any fees in the case of cancellation.